Landscapes of Love is a trilogy about the entwined love lives of three characters, Charlotte, Daniel and Anne Marie. 

Charlie lives on the large family estate in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales. Since university, where she was physically abused by a wealthy American fellow student, she has had no interest in developing relationships and has thrown herself into managing the estate and enjoying her successful business as a landscape photographer. 

Daniel is an independent mercenary who works for governments and wealthy organisations around the world. He uses the financial rewards to run conservation programmes for white rhinos in Kenya and mountain gorillas in Rwanda. When his wife is killed, he uses his business skills to track down those responsible in the whole ‘white gold’ supply chain across the world and destroy them. 

Anne-Marie is a very intelligent and extremely beautiful Afro-American who helps Daniel with his dangerous work. Anne Marie develops a passionate love for Charlie.

Landscapes of Love is about the complex relationships of the three characters and how their lives evolve together. 

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Landscapes of Love – Catharsis

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Charlie and Anne Marie become increasingly involved in Daniel’s dangerous work in the next two books in the Landscapes of Love trilogy:

Landscapes of Love – Retribution

Landscapes of Love – Inheritance